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Holding to my usual philosophy of ‘if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing’, the final movement of Golgotha’s Symphony in Extremis, Enter the nightmare - Silence is your saviour, is the longest and most bombastic of the lot. I had very little time in the studio to finish off the ending, but it just seemed to keep growing and growing so I thought ‘let it run’. By now, studio manager Steve Jay had bought me a conductor’s baton, so there was much arm-waving during the final mix.

This movement features a fair bit of tortured guitar and rather more adventurous orchestral work, while the structure shifts from a fairly standard rock format into decidedly weird territory as the piece develops. Possibly the most symphonic track on the album, it includes my favourite self-penned guitar solo, which is followed by a sublime, Floyd Rose-induced gargle-gargle-blaaart. I think I broke something on the guitar for that one.

To round off, the very final blast of Symph is four Wagnerian orchestras all playing the same note. When that lot died down at the mastering studio (Moles in Bath), engineer Mike said: “Well, there doesn’t seem to be anything missing.” Quite.

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