03’29 | MP3 | 192kbps const | 44.1kHz | J-stereo | 4.8MB

I was asked to write a tutorial on how to use a freeware version of Apple’s Logic sequencer, which is so clunky a piece of software that I had to exercise cunning. The piece was pre-authored in Cubase SX ReWired to Reason, so the drums, blips, bass and big synth theme are all from the rack. Each ReWire track was rendered individually, the whole lot was loaded into Logic and, after some tweaking of the MIDI parts, the result was put through T-Racks to give it welly. The first half of Logika was re-used in a video magazine tutorial, transforming bland footage of Christchurch, Dorset, into a movie with the atmosphere of The Exorcist.

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