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The third movement of Golgotha’s Symphony in Extremis is titled The cunning of reason - The thin blue line. Yup, philosophy and realpolitik in one. That bit of South American Spanish at the beginning is a simulated radio broadcast, in keeping with the comment on revolutionary ideology throughout Symph. The recording of the crowd scenes a little later on entailed roping in a bunch of the studio manager’s friends and a fair bit of multi-tracking, but it all worked out suitably large.

The Jackson was dropped to D for the riff and solo in The thin blue line, while my throat was positively trashed by the falsetto vocals. It’s not a register I could stretch to these days - it was marginal back then. The lyrics seem to scan well, though. Tech-spods may like to know that the plinky harp motif was from a Yamaha TX81Z tone module. Can you guess where the drums came from?

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